hings that ignite me are the smell of fresh coffee, watching the sunrise, music, soaking up the beautiful warm organic light that filters through our window just before sunset, the sound of laughter, being present amongst mountains, the witnessing of love, connecting with people and creating imagery that creates a feeling.

New Zealand is home & will forever be where my heart is, and while Auckland is my base, I love our beautiful little country and I'm always keen to explore it. One of my favourite areas is the beautiful south island [queenstown & wanaka] especially, and hopefully one day I'll be able to call it home. when I'm not working you'll find me outdoors usually the beach with my two wild ones, watering my many indoor plants & renovating our humble little home.

Being a visual storyteller on a wedding day is definitely a privilege and not one I take for granted. Getting the opportunity to connect with others & witnessing two people bringing their nearest and dearest together it's pretty special to say the least. I love knowing the feeling of excitement which lays before them with the planning process. Getting to document one feeling all the feels from your heart pounding out of your chest, through to the nerves that come over most couples while driving to the ceremony or just before walking down the alse. Having someone put all their trust in me to document & tell their story makes me feel very blessed.

Being able to do what I do - documenting a wedding day story, capturing all the details, the laughs, the tears, and all the moments in between of possibly the most important day of one's life this far - makes me incredibly happy. I appreciate that when the memories fade over the years, knowing that someone can sit down and relive those moments helps me to truly value the importance and responsibility of my work.

I'm really passionate about what I do & I'm only human - sometimes goofy, laded back, possible pocket rocket, a bit of a rule breaker, moment seeker. I’m a true believer in paying it forward & that kindness is key!

Last but definitely not least I have an overwhelming amount of love for my nearest and dearest including my two little people, August + Dakota or around here they go by Gus & Koko and my number one in the world is my crazy go happy, talented musician  & husband. 

So yeah, not so awkward after all - let's grab some tea, coffee or three (insert wine)... let this be the star of something unique, magical, one of a kind, heart racing, wild, authentic, wonderful. 

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So this is awkward...

Who am I? That's me below & like 99% of the human population I'm not that comfortable in front of a camera.. I get it! which is why it's my mission to make you actually feel comfortable. 

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