ew Zealand will forever be where my heart lies. I base myself in Auckland, but my love for our little part of the world has taken me all over the country; I’m always keen to explore. One of my favourite spots is the beautiful tranquility of Queenstown and one day I hope to call the South Island home.

I’m a visual storyteller at heart. I view each wedding day as the culmination of a couple’s personal love story. It’s all about two people’s commitment to each other, starting a new chapter in their lives as a brand new, unified family. Their nearest and dearest both witness and commemorate the occasion, riding waves of emotion right next to them. I love feeling all the sensations of a wedding day, the pounding hearts, the electric nerves, the feverish excitement - I never get tired of it!

Being able to do what I love - documenting your story, capturing all the unique details, the laughs, the tears, and all the hidden moments in between - makes me incredibly happy and satisfied.

Memories may fade over the years but knowing that someone can sit down with a set of photos and be instantly transported back to that moment? This allows me to truly value the importance and responsibility behind the work that I love so much.

I believe in documenting from the outside looking in, capturing moments and first reactions; emotions and interactions, in their purest form.

The beauty of simplicity is something I try to imbue in my everyday life. I’m inspired by nature and light - how wondrous it can be and all it has to offer, on both a photographic and a human level.

I’m completely passionate about what I do as well as being incredibly thankful that I’m able to do it for a living. I love that I get to have a hand in creating wonderful memories for hundreds of couples and I’m a true believer in paying that gratitude and joy forward! 

I have an overwhelming amount of love for my friends and family, especially my two little people, August and Dakota, as well as my number one supporter and rock, my husband Matt. 
So if you like the sound of my creative values and you’re looking to book a New Zealand wedding photographer, let’s start making memories together!


Who am I? That's me below & like 99% of the human population I'm not that comfortable in front of a camera.. I get it! This is why it's my mission to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

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